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In the year 2010 just a few days after the new year an evil force has come to Seattle. The source of the evil is unknown but the evil that lurks in the night has been active, very active since the New Year. They murmur in the dark of big plans and a Dark leader who controls all. The rumors have attracted the attention of larger Agencies (The Cheiron Group and Task Force Valkyrie). They are joking for position and trying to gather as much information as possible. Several fights have happened between the two groups and they have recently been made aware that Malleus Maleficarun has also sent a cell to investigate and exterminate with extreme prejudice. Other Compacts have a vague idea of what’s going on but nothing is certain. Unknown to all is the existence of a Shadow Cell watching and waiting.

Our Hunters come into the scuffle after a brazen monster attack forces them to take up the Vigil. They stumble upon a battle between TFV and a group Monsters. The battle is vicious and both side take heavy causalities. The TFV squad of 7 is killed and it looks like they were set up by the Cheiron Group. The Hunters are after the monster that had attacked earlier in the day when they stumble upon the mess. Little do they know that a third party is also after the same monster, and they want it alive.

The Hunters track the monster past the battle with their new toys they’ve picked up. They find it fighting with an unknown person, two others lay dead or knocked out around the room.

After their confrontation they decide to team up with the third party to get to the bottom of what’s going on. The third party tells them much about the Vigil but little about himself or who he’s with.


Task Force Valkyrie

The Cheiron Group

Sol Jones (The Union Compact and City Bus Driver Works evenings)

R.A. Vinchinso (independent contractor – takes jobs to kill, capture, or recover items or parts of monster. Not affiliated with any Hunter group.)

Gahiji (Unknown affiliation – after the same monster the hunters are in the beginning. A very powerful hunter – travels with an unseen back up of at least two shooters)

Mitch Brugman – (Team Leader of Black Echo)

Thomas Brugman – (Team member of White Echo – the cell that was killed by the monsters)

Detective Stacy Stout – (Works for homicide in Seattle)

James Kernan Jr. – (report for the Seattle PI and son of famous local reporter James Kernan Sr.)

Celeste Bellamont – field leader for the Cheiron group – as deadly as she is sexy. She has been augmented in the traditional sense and supernatural modifications as well.

Bishop Kelly O’Chiern – member of the Malleus maleficarum field leader for their special operation in Seattle.

Donna King – Union compact and cell Member of Sol Jones, works nights as a cab driver

Need to focus the over all plot. Need to create plot points/scenes for the Players to work through and come up with non-combat based activities for investigation. Need to write the mystery compact that Gahiji is a member of.

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Main Page

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